Annapurna “AP” Tobler is a multi-instrumentalist musician, singer, and songwriter based in San Jose, CA. Often described as a “grunge poet,” AP writes music with heavy riffs and complex themes, holding mental health topics as vital influences in their songwriting. AP aims to share their experiences with anxiety and depression by crafting songs rooted in grunge and alternative rock, with hopes that these thematic elements will speak to listeners who are going through similar experiences. 


AP’s musical journey began with the discovery of drums at the age of 8. They explored the sounds and composition of grunge, hard rock, metal, and jazz through their studies, adding guitar and bass to their instrument studies in the years that followed. AP has been gigging regularly since a young age, performing at high profile music events such as PASIC, Sweetwater Gearfest, and touring with the School of Rock AllStars. They drum professionally for local bands, and with the dynamic Street Drum Corps. 


AP began writing and recording original music in 2018, and has released 5 singles to date. They draw heavy influence from the 90’s grunge, alternative, and punk scenes in their work, citing Nirvana, Green Day, and Weezer as significant influences. Their versatility as a multi-instrumentalist has allowed them to compose and perform all tracks for their songs. AP’s most recent project is a 5 song EP released in Summer 2021, just after their 16th birthday. The EP is a collection of AP’s strongest feelings and emotions during the writing process, with each track showcasing her vulnerabilities and encapsulating pieces of their soul. 

"Writing and releasing music is my way of letting go of some of the negativity that inhabits my mind, and hopefully in the process, it can help folks who’ve gone through similar experiences feel heard and not as isolated."​

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