Eclipse is about struggling with past trauma, and how those feelings never truly go away. Things that have happened years ago still haunt me and affect my thoughts and choices, and it can be really frustrating. I was actually on a call with some friends when I started to feel anxious and began to write the lyrics for Eclipse.

Blunt Force is about a friend who ended the friendship without warning. They never explained their reasoning and I was left sad and confused. After years without resolution, I wrote a song describing the anger I hold against them for hurting me.


Music and Lyrics: Annapurna Knox Tobler

Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals: AP Tobler

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Ryan Perras at District Recording San Jose, CA

Video and Artwork: Type It Down Productions 

Eclipse Lyrics

Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

When it blinded me completely
I knew
I couldn’t possibly come back
This plague it will consume me
I know
My virtues can’t make up for what I lack
Oh no

Blunt Force Lyrics

Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

I don’t think it’s that complicated
The way you left me to burn
Alone with this internalized
I hoped that you’d return
Oh is this what you wanted