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Eye for an Eye is about a toxic friend and the pain they caused. They were manipulative and acted like the victim whenever confronted. I was really angry when I wrote this song and it’s one of my most aggressive tracks. The music video was the most fun to film out of all of my videos.

Solemn Farewell is a suicide note. It describes my feelings of emptiness and the notion that I’m never really present. I was struggling with deep depression when I wrote it. It’s my first song to feature an instrumental breakdown.

Alternate Vision  ta lks about my stress over how I’m perceived, and worries of not belonging. I was feeling really disconnected from the world around me when I wrote this song. It’s the first song in which I wrote the title before any of the music.

Vacant is about breaking up with my ex, and how empty I felt afterwards. It’s my only song without drums. I felt it was a fitting way to close out the EP, especially with the last line being “I’m over now.”

Eye for an Eye Lyrics

Spanish Portuguese Russian

Playing the helpless victim

Is your favorite game

But in these dark cold eyes

I see you just the same

Your cliche vendettas

They make me sick

Easy or moral

It’s your choice

Take your pick

Solemn Farewell Lyrics

Spanish Portuguese Russian

I’ve been staring at these pages for years

In a cyclical state

Replaying all my fears

And to trust oneself can only end in demise

Bare my teeth, show the facade, and all the lies

Alternate Vision Lyrics

I hate the rain

Washes away

My melancholy disguise

Time passes by

I don’t know why

I let myself down with every breath


Music and Lyrics: Annapurna Knox Tobler

Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals: AP Tobler

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Ryan Perras at District Recording San Jose, CA

Video and Artwork: Type It Down Productions 

Vacant Lyrics

Reached the end before the beginning

In this empty space I’m swimming

I’m going blind

My mind is spinning

I’m done with thoughts

I’m tired of feeling

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